Spot The Dot To Fight The Bite!

The Mosquito Abatement Courier (MAC) Team treats drains throughout San Francisco streets to prevent mosquitoes and protect the health of residents and visitors. Learn how you can join the fight by monitoring storm drains in your neighborhood on our dot map.

A Service Provided by SFPUC WasteWater Collection System Division

The MAC Team’s work is human-powered to reduce our footprint in the atmosphere and our space here on the ground. The treatments made in the City’s catch basins are target specific and reduced-risk to the team, the community, and the Bay.  Learn more About Us.

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This site is for public educational purposes only. Pestec is a contractor that works at the behest of the City and County of San Francisco and is not solely responsible for the abatement of mosquitoes in the City and County limits. This service is specific to the combined sewer system catch basins and does not remove the responsibility property owners have for maintaining their properties free of mosquitoes and the conditions that contribute to them.

Report mosquito activity in your neighborhood to 311.

Working as a Mosquito Abatement Courier